Michael Wardian and the World Marathon Challenge + End of English on Site


Before underlining the wonderful performance by Michael Wardian, we inform you that the website will not be updated in english anymore. In fact, as you can see on the sidebar (on the right) you are now able to translate the articles (« sélectionner une langue » in french) as well as the website page in any language you want. It is from Google translate so some terms might be wrong but don’t hesitate to ask for some clarification in case it is hard to understand.
Thank you for your support and we hope you understand our decision.

-Mélissa, editor.


Michael Wardian (a great guy from the US I ran the North Pole Marathon with in 2014) just won the World Marathon Challenge. The goal is to run seven marathons in seven days and on seven continents (which means 295,365 kilometers).

He ran all seven marathons in less than three hours (approx. 2h45min).

Congratulations Michael and see you soon I hope!



Michael Wardian et le World Marathon Challenge



Un gars super sympa, venant des Etats-Unis, avec qui j’ai couru le marathon du Pôle Nord en 2014 vient de gagner le World Marathon Challenge qui consiste à courir sept marathons en sept jours sur sept continents soit au total 295,365 kilomètres.

Il a couru les sept marathons en moins de trois heures ( 2h45 de moyenne). Bravo Michael et à bientôt je l’espère!

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