News (05/04/2016)

  Hello everyone, The last few days were really intense. In fact, three presentations were given in Geneva (GCSP), Gland (Amical des officiers de l’Etat-major de la brigade frontière) and Lausanne (Centre Général Guisan). These presentations gave the possibility to the participants to understand better the different aspects of running long distance races. I enjoyedLire la suite « News (05/04/2016) »

Lessons from the 100k

Hello everyone ! It’s been 3 weeks since I finished the 100k in Antarctica. It is now time to tell you what I’ve learned from this race. Firstly, I would like to tell you that the result (2nd place) was all thanks to an entire team of people. Firstly, my family, my press officer who informedLire la suite « Lessons from the 100k »

Interview William -English- (31/01/2016)

William just arrived back in Switzerland and was kind enough to answer a couple of questions on the South Pole 100k. I hope that you will like this interview and stay connected on Facebook as well as the website for new articles coming very soon!   1) How do you feel after these 100k? HowLire la suite « Interview William -English- (31/01/2016) »


William just returned from the South Pole after running the 100k race. He is now in Punta Arenas and recovering from the race. But since the *World Marathon Challenge took place in Punta Arenas on the 22nd, William was asked to run with a marathon runner from Singapore, Phing Ong. William ran the last 15kLire la suite « 22/01/2016 »


  Hello everyone! First of all, thank you to everyone for supporting me these last days. It was an incredible support. Of course, my family was also of a great support and I thank them. I can’t forget to thank my sponsors which trusted me and believed in me. Thank you. The 100k race startedLire la suite « Post-100k »

100k Description

The website is finally (with some delay) in English! Here are a couple of facts on the 100k taking place in the South Pole. William participated in the 100k this year (21/01/2016). Here is a picture of the route of the marathon. The 100k took place at the same time as the marathon (around 42k).Lire la suite « 100k Description »