2017 Goals


image001Hello everyone,

We are already in May! After the 100k in the South Pole and a welcomed rest, we have to seriously prepare the two important mountain marathons, one being the Zermatt marathon (July) and the Jungfrau one (September). We will finish the year with a marathon in Melbourne, Australia (October)

For 2017, we can give the three main goals:


  1. Preparation to the marathon in Lake Baikal in Russia (February)
  2.  Participation to the marathon on the Lascar volcano in Chili (October)
  3. Be in the « Marathon Grand Slam  Club »*




*The Marathon Grand Slam Club (TM) is comprised of runners who have completed a marathon distance of 42.195 km (26.2 miles) or longer on each of the Seven Continents and on the Arctic Ocean at the North Pole Marathon.

There are 82 members of the Marathon Grand Slam Club as at 30th April 2016, comprising 64 men and 18 women.


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